Binbin Zheng, PhD

PhD University of California, Irvine: Language, Literacy and Technology

Binbin Zheng’s research focuses on the use of technology to transform teaching and learning in multiple learning contexts. She is interested in working with faculty members to examine how technology could be integrated in medical education to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning. She also provides support for effective teaching in both face-to-face and online environments.


Scholarly Work

 Zheng has worked with K-12 school districts to examine how emerging technologies have been used to support diverse learners’ language and literacy development. Her work has been published in many education journals that include Review of Educational Research, Computers & Education, Journal of Science Education and Technology, and Teachers College Record. Her research findings have been reported in MSU Today, Michigan Radio, EDUCATION WEEK, The Conversation, and so on. She has been selected as a fellow in Michigan Virtual Learning Research Institute (MVLRI) to examine how learner-, instructor-, and content-level factors and the interactions among them affect student learning success in fully online English language courses. Her co-authored article Interactions and Learning Outcomes in Online Language Courses has recently won the first place of the Journal Article Award in the Division of Distance Learning in the 2017 Association of Educational Communication & Technology.


Areas of Interest

Zheng’s areas of interest include emerging technologies and learning, online education, and educational program evaluations. In OMERAD she works closely with faculty members in the College of Human Medicine in both research and teaching, with the ultimate goal of improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning in medical education.

Photo of Binbin Zheng

Assistant Professor, OMERAD

East Fee Hall
965 Wilson Road Rm A214B
East Lansing, MI 48824-1316

Phone: 517-355-4029