Jenny LaChance, MS, CRCC

MS University of Michigan

Jenny LaChance plans and carries out a wide range of research or scholarly activities that support and strengthen the vital academic functions of the Hurley Research Center. She provides assistance in all phases of the research process (design, implementation, evaluation, and dissemination) for physicians (resident, faculty and attending), medical students, and other health care team members. Additionally, as the associate director of PPHI, she performs project work in the Flint community that champions our hospital’s commitment to improving public health and serves as the co-chair of the Lead Elimination Workgroup that is part of the Flint Lead Exposure Registry (FLExR).


Scholarly Work 

 In 2015, Jenny worked closely with Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha in studying lead contamination in our community’s water. Their article, “Elevated Blood Lead Levels in Children Associated with the Flint Drinking Water Crisis: A Spatial Analysis of Risk and Public Health Response” was the groundbreaking publication that brought the nation’s attention to Flint’s catastrophic situation. Other recent publications have appeared in the American Journal of Public Health, Academic Medicine, Pediatrics, and Clinical Pediatrics. Jenny has worked with hospital and community study teams in securing multiple grants, not only to examine the impact of the lead contamination, but to provide and assess interventions aimed at helping the community recovery.


Areas of Interest

Key areas of interest for her include pediatric public health, child/adolescent medicine, and environmental health. Additionally, she is interested in research addressing infertility, obstetrics, and health promotion.

Photo of Jenny LaChance

Research Coordinator
Reasearch Center
Hurley Medical Center, Flint Campus

Associate Director
Pediatrics Public Health Initiative (PPHI)
Michigan State University/Hurley Medical Center

Hurley Medical Center
6 West, A Wing, Office 617
Flint MI 48503

Phone: 810-262-6776