Joan Ilardo, MSW, PhD

PhD Michigan State University: Social Work

Joan Ilardo, Director of Research Initiatives for the College of Human Medicine and assistant professor, directs the college’s programs related to research education and mentoring. She developed the online Research Basics Training Curriculum and designed the medical student research matching program. She works with faculty who are interested in getting involved in research to identifiy training and mentoring opportunities. Ilardo was the Director of the HRSA-funded Geriatric Education Center of Michigan from 2010-2015. She is serving her second term on the Michigan Commission on Services to the Aging.


Scholarly Work 

Ilardo has worked in the health field in several different capacities since 1978. Her past experience includes healthcare policy and research consulting, hospital patient information administration, management information systems consulting, and group health insurance claims administration. She develops continuing education curriculum for physicians, nurses, social workers and other health professions that centers on integrating high quality community-based resources into clinical practices. She directs the Partners in Aging Strategies and Training project and is a co-I of the Michigan Alzheimer’s Disease Center. 


Areas of Interest

Ilardo’s area of interest is aging services, particularly community-based programs that promote health and wellness and long-term services and supports as alternatives to residential and nursing home placements. She is active in several collaboratives and coalitions that address issues related to aging and quality of life including patient self-management skills, dementia care, caregiver self-care, mobility issues, and diabetes.


Photo of Joan Ilardo

Director of Research Initiatives
Assistant Professor, OMERAD

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