When describing the program or curriculum you are developing, be sure to include a brief description of the program content and organization, the delivery method, the number of sessions, and the program tasks for participants.

Think about these questions in relation to your program:

You might answer these questions like this:

The content of the curriculum addresses three common communication situations in surgery: patient education, shared decision-making and delivering bad news. We will present the curriculum in three two-hour workshop sessions that are facilitated by surgeons. Each workshop will contain a 30-minute introductory lecture, a 15-minute checklist-driven video critique, a 15-minute group discussion, a 45-minute standardized patient (SP) exercise with feedback from the SP, peers, and faculty member, and a 15-minute closing summary.

You can then summarize the answer into a program description.


Below is an example of a program description. It states the number and type of sessions (three workshops), the content (how to communicate...), and program tasks (lecture, video critique…).

Surgeons will lead three two-hour workshops for medical students in the Surgery Clerkship on communication skills related to patient education, shared decision-making and delivering bad news. Activities include lecture, video critique, discussion and a standardized patient exercise.


In your Evaluation Planning Tool write your program description in column 3.

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Evaluation Planning Tool: STEP 3