Sources of Evaluation Data
Good evaluation questions provide guidance about possible sources of evaluation data. Depending on the nature of the question and the resources available, multiple sources might be used:

People inside the educational program:

People outside of the educational program:


Institutional Indicators


In the previous step we wrote a few example evaluation questions for each objective. In order to evaluate the first objective—improving two specific communication skills—we decided to ask the students about the curricular module in terms of amount and quality of instruction  as well as the relevance of the content.  We also were interested in student’s self-appraisal of their own improvement in these skill areas as well as a more objective assessment of their skills.

For the three evaluation questions related to this objective, students would be the source of the evaluation data for the first two questions, while faculty and standardized patients would be the sources of data required to answer the third question.  Note that for the third question, there are multiple sources of data.

In order to evaluate the second objective—use of experienced faculty facilitators in the course—we decided to see if students value the involvement of faculty involvement in the course, and if faculty value their involvement in communication skills instruction.

To evaluate the two questions related to the second objective, the data sources are the students and the course faculty respectively.

The third objective—emphasis of the clinical relevance of communication skills—was evaluated from documentary.  This evidence was provided by students; they are the source of data for the third evaluation question.

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Evaluation Planning Tool: STEP 5