The Office of Medical Education Research and Development is the first continuously operating office of medical education in the country. OMERAD faculty and staff provide professional development for educators based on teaching and learning strategies that match the experiential goals of the Shared Discovery Curriculum, design and analyze data using multiple assessment metrics to provide information about student learning, coach medical students with learning strategies that support diverse student learners, create technology for teaching and learning, and advance scholarship in medical education through multiple methodologies. Evolving with contemporary needs and curriculum reform, the OMERAD faculty represent diverse research and teaching interests.

Christopher Reznich, PhD, Deborah Sleight, PhD, John Williamson, MA, Stephen Yelon, PhD


OVERVIEW: Basic Concepts of Curriculum Development


1. Parts of a curriculum Lesson Part 1 Lesson Part 2 Worksheet
2. Needs Assessment: How do you know you need a curriculum? Lesson Worksheet Example
3. Analyzing Feasibility: Do you have the necessary resources? Lesson Worksheet Example
4. How do you design a curriculum?      
4.1 Goal Lesson Worksheet Example
4.2 Curriculum Outline Lesson Worksheet Example
4.3 Objectives Lesson Worksheet Example
4.4 Unit Content Lesson Worksheet Example
4.5 Instructional Strategies Lesson Worksheet Example
4.6 Learner Evaluation Strategies Lesson Worksheet Example
5. Course Evaluation Lesson Worksheet Example