Amy Guenther, PhD

PhD Michigan State University: Curriculum, Instruction and Teacher Education

Amy Guenther is an assistant professor in the Office of Medical Education Research and Development (OMERAD). She earned her PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education in MSU's College of Education and also holds advanced degrees in educational leadership and curriculum development. Drawing on these degrees and her experiences as a PK-12 teacher, instructional coach, and administrator, Dr. Guenther designs and delivers professional learning experiences that focus on effective instructional practices in post-secondary and field settings. Currently, she is co-facilitating 1) a professional development series on teambuilding within a leadership team, 2) a learning community focused on pedagogy for social justice and equity for medical educators, and 3) a medical education fellowship for practitioners aimed at developing teaching and coaching skills. She also designs online modules that support physicians and residents in providing meaningful clinical experiences for medical students and provides personalized coaching for improved instruction.


Scholarly Work 

Dr. Guenther’s research interests include examining effective ways to support medical educators in providing ambitious instruction, influences of leadership on medical educators’ instructional practices, and instructional practices that effectively support the learning of medical students from traditionally marginalized populations.



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Assistant Professor

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