Ann Taft, BS

BS University of Michigan: Actuarial Mathematics

Ann Taft maintains OMERAD’s Student Performance Database which is used to report on student outcomes and is helpful for research. She manages the annual surveying of CHM graduates and current CHM students as well as analyzing and summarizing the results of those surveys annually. Ann supervises the OMERAD undergraduate student employees, overseeing their projects and coordinating tasks.


Scholarly Work 

As an honest broker, Ann serves as an intermediary between the investigator and CHM students when research involves data that the students routinely generate in the course of their educational program. An honest broker protects the identity of the students while having the ability to link data from multiple sources and add additional information about students for the researchers, without identifying the students to the investigators.

Photo of Ann Taft

Statistical Analyst
Office Manager

East Fee Hall
965 Wilson Road Rm A214D
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: 517-353-8720