D. Kay Taylor, PhD

PhD Michigan State University Major: Community/Ecological Psychology; Minor: Developmental Psychology; Outside Minor: Community Health Science  

Kay Taylor, Director of Research at Hurley Medical Center, oversees the four arms of Hurley’s Research Center: Academic, Administrative, Clinical and Community.  Hurley has six residency programs and three fellowships with 100+ resident physicians—and 50+ third and fourth-year medical students.


Scholarly Work 

Her recent research targeting community health has focused on the impact of the lead-tainted water crisis in Flint. “Detection of cord blood lead levels in exposed newborns in Flint, Michigan.” (Peart N, Gonuguntla A, LaChance J, Hanna-Attisha M, Taylor DK.) is being prepared for publication in Pediatrics. “Surveying resident and faculty physician knowledge, attitudes, and experiences in response to public lead contamination.” (Taylor, DK, Lepisto, B, Lecea, N, Ghamrawi, R, Bachuwa, G, LaChance, J, and Hanna-Attisha, M) appeared in the 2017 March issue of Academic Medicine. Her research in medical education has also focused on the benefits of peer role playing as a teaching strategy to enhance communication skills as well as to bolster clinician wellbeing. “Peer role playing as medical error disclosure training.” appeared in the 2017 August issue of Journal of Graduate Medical Education, and “Addressing resident physician burnout and depression using peer support.” is currently under review by Academic Medicine (and was presented in October 2017 at the International Conference on Communication in Healthcare and Health Literacy Annual Research Conference in Baltimore, Maryland).


Areas of Interest

Taylor has taught undergraduate and masters courses in epidemiology and psychology at three Michigan colleges. Specific to Hurley’s resident physicians and medical students she has taught Critical Appraisal/Analytic Medicine, Fundamentals of Clinical Research, Evidence-Based Medicine, and Independent Study in Research. Key areas of interest for her include disparities in health care, recruitment of minorities into health promotion programs, and community health prevention initiatives. Additionally, she is interested in research on teaching, evaluation, and communication.


Photo of Kay Taylor

Director of Research
Hurley Medical Center, Flint

Hurley Medical Center
6 West, A Wing, Office 618
Flint, MI 48503

Phone: 810-262-9505
Email: ktaylor1@hurleymc.com