Randi Nevins Stanulis, PhD

PhD Michigan State University: Teacher Education

Randi Stanulis, Professor, OMERAD Director and Assistant Dean for Faculty Development, leads educator development on effective teaching and learning practices. She co-leads CHM’s Chair Collaboration, providing expertise in creating a culture for effective mentoring practices and induction of novices into our units. She also serves as the Director of Professional and Leadership Development for the Office of Health Sciences. In 2007, Stanulis received MSU’s prestigious Outreach Scholarship Community Outreach Award for her partnership work with the Lansing School District to enhance the learning culture and support of new teachers to accelerate their effectiveness.


Scholarly Work 

Stanulis works directly with practitioners to design interventions that enhance teaching and learning. For 25 years, she worked with urban school districts to support classroom teachers who mentor beginning teachers. She developed a professional development program to help beginning teachers and mentors improve by using discussion-based teaching. In medical education, Stanulis writes about a view of ambitious teaching that OMERAD faculty are promoting in medical education small group teaching, researching examples in action of changes in practice with coaching interventions. She is also interested in ways in which medical educators develop their professional identity as physician-as-teacher. Stanulis co-developed the Medical Education Excellence in Teaching (MEET) program with Dr. Stacey Pylman, and is co-developing a new initiative to provide educative online modules for Residents as Teachers. Through these educational programs, physicians discuss and analyze their small group teaching practice in order to enhance student learning and their own satisfaction as teachers. Teaching quality, small group learning, and professional identity as teachers are medical education lines of scholarship that Stanulis pursued.


Areas of Interest

Stanulis taught undergraduate, masters and doctoral teacher education courses and mentored doctoral student learning in the Department of Teacher Education from 2001-2018. In OMERAD, Stanulis is passionate about supporting the College of Human Medicine Shared Discovery Curriculum faculty, staff and students. As a leader, Stanulis is interested in learning from and with others about effective leadership that makes a significant difference in job satisfaction, motivation and joy in the workplace.



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Professor and Director, OMERAD
Assistant Dean, Professional Development CHM

East Fee Hall
965 Wilson Road Rm A202B
East Lansing, MI 48824

Phone: 517-353-3448
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