Think aloud group activityIn our first teaching tip, Dr. Joel Maurer, CHM Assistant Dean for Admissions and an Academy Fellow who teaches small groups in the Shared Discovery Curriculum, uses a THINK ALOUD to help medical students ‘eavesdrop on his thinking’. When an expert makes his/her thinking visible, the expert helps students understand a complex process, such as clinical reasoning to reach a diagnosis. Dr. Anne-Lise Halvorsen, an Associate Professor in Teacher Education at MSU, describes the features of a think aloud.

As argued by Delaney and Golding in their 2014 article which appeared in BMC Medical Education, “the making thinking visible approach has potential to assist educators to become more reflective about their clinical reasoning teaching and acts as a scaffold to assist them to articulate their own expert reasoning and for students to access and use” (p.1).




Additional Resources:

Extended Footage: Watch an extended version of the Think Aloud to see how Dr. Maurer planned and enacted his Think Aloud

Using a Think Aloud Handout