VitalSigns - Evaluation Newsletter Archive

VitalSigns was a periodic report on significant events and outcomes of educational programs in Michigan State University's College of Human Medicine. Twice each academic year, VitalSigns used the college's data sets and complementary national data to explore an important dimension of CHM's educational efforts.

The reports in VitalSigns, while grounded in available data, are presented in an interpretive style intended to make significant observations and conclusions quickly evident and to highlight central findings. Each issue invites judgments of what the available evidence suggests for future direction of the college's effort. For the most part, reports focus on our students and graduates and on the programs that direct and strengthen their interests, capacities, and commitments; we will focus on evaluation methods only when they clearly limit the findings that can be presented.

VitalSigns was produced by the program evaluation faculty of OMERAD, in consultation with the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, for faculty and friends of CHM. VitalSigns' interpretive reporting is intended to promote broad awareness of the college's success in reaching its educational goals and to stimulate focused, informed discussion of issues. In this way, VitalSigns extends and complements the tabular summary of CHM educational outcomes data (the "CHM Outcomes Report") that is regularly distributed to the offices of CHM administrators and department chairs.

Previous issues have covered the following topics:

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