Modules for Enhancing Clinical Practice with Older Adults

Patient-Provider Partnerships: Three Modules for Enhancing Clinical Practice with Older Adults

Presenter: Joan Ilardo, PhD, MSU CHM

These presentations were developed as part of the Partners in Aging Strategies and Training Project (PAST) supported by the Michigan Health Endowment Fund.

Using the modules – If you prefer to read the narrative rather than listening to it, on the upper LEFT side of the screen click on Notes and then mute your speaker. On the upper RIGHT side click on Resources for the documents that are discussed during the presentation. Download them and edit to fit your practice’s needs.

  1. When Doctor-Patient Interactions Become Patient-Provider Partnerships

During this module you will discover what patients learn in self-management education and ways you can integrate what they learn into their care plans. You will learn about ways to partner with your local evidence-based self-management programs.

  1. Health Literacy: Improving Patient-Provider Communication

During this module you will learn more about health literacy and its impact on your patients’ health outcomes. You will learn strategies to help you address your patients’ low health literacy and ways to help your patients improve their health literacy skills.

  1. Mobility Concerns, Falls and Prevention: Decreasing Falls by Increasing Balance and Strength

During this module you will see the prevalence and consequences of falls. You will see techniques on how to identify, evaluate, and provide assistance to older adults who are at risk of falling or who have already had a fall as well as strategies for preventing falls.

  1. Improving Outcomes Using Patient Diabetes Self-Management Strategies  

During this module you will learn more about diabetes from a population health perspective, how diabetes affects the person who has the condition as well as those around him or her, several effective evidence-based programs that support people living with diabetes, and how you can put this all together to enhance your patients’ outcomes through effective patient-provider shared-decision making processes.