Designing Slides According to Principles of Learning with PowerPoint for Windows 2010

Stephen Yelon, PhD, Deborah A. Sleight, PhD, John Williamson, MA

How to Use This Tutorial
This tutorial is presented in 11 short videos, whose average running time is 5 minutes. The Explanation videos explain the learning principles and show you PowerPoint techniques you can use to design slides according to the principles. The Resources provide a summary of these videos in the Checklist for Principles of Learning document. The Self-Paced Exercises videos demonstrate how to do those techniques. The resource Step-by-Step Guide to the Exercises provides a step-by-step summary of the technique. This tutorial requires basic PowerPoint skills.

We suggest you use the tutorial in this way:

  1. Watch the Introduction video first. Then watch one of the other explanation videos.
  2. Watch a Self-Paced Exercises video for a demonstration of how to do one of the techniques shown in the explanation video.
  3. Practice the related technique in PowerPoint. Download the same slides as used in the videos (Exercise Slides.ppt ) so you can practice on them, and print the Step-by-Step Guide to the Exercises.pdf so you can follow it when practicing.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you are done.





  Checklist for Principles of Learning

Ease Cognitive Load


Color Text and Draw Lines

Step-by-Step Guide to the Exercises

Exercise Slides

Direct Attention


Animate Shapes and Text Boxes

Hide Then Reveal Shapes

Ease Reception


Insert Pictures, Movies and Sounds

Build on Experience


Display List Items Sequentially

Add Motion Path

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