Brian Mavis, PhD

PhD Michigan State University: Psychology

Brian Mavis joined OMERAD in 1992, with primary responsibility for program evaluation and learner assessment. He coordinates the annual Graduate Follow-up Survey as part of continuing curriculum evaluation. He also coordinates the annual Student Experience Survey assessing students’ perceptions of the CHM learning environment. He oversees the Student Performance and Outcomes Database, which supports educational program evaluation and educational scholarship. In 2015, Dr. Mavis was appointed director of the CHM Academy and Learning Societies in the new Shared Discovery Curriculum; he served in this role until 2019.


Scholarly Work 

Brian Mavis has worked with many CHM faculty in support of medical student education, particularly in the area of program evaluation. He also has been involved in evaluations of programs outside of CHM, including the March of Dimes Foundation, School-Community Health Alliance of Michigan, National Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners, Henry Ford Health System, and Grand Valley State University Autism Education Center. The results of his collaborations have been published in journals that include Academic Medicine, Medical Teacher, Medical Education, Medical Education Online and Advances in Health Sciences Education. In recent years, Dr. Mavis has become engaged in faculty development and faculty resources to promote educational scholarship, and scholarship around learning communities.


Areas of Interest

Dr. Mavis’ current interests still include evaluation of educational programs, as well as advancing medical education scholarship and implementation of the new CHM Shared Discovery Curriculum. In this context, much of his efforts currently focus on the faculty side of student learning societies. He also is interested in understanding more about the current wave of curriculum renewal in U.S. medical schools.