Binbin Zheng, PhD

PhD University of California, Irvine: Language, Literacy and Technology

Binbin Zheng’s research centers around self-regulated learning and technology use. She is interested in looking into how self-regulated learning strategies affect student learning outcomes in our curriculum, and how students’ use of technology facilitates the development of those strategies. Her ultimate research plan is to design instructional interventions to help medical students develop self-regulated learning strategies to better facilitate their transition from a traditional learning environment to a more flipped learning environment.


Scholarly Work

Zheng has two major research lines in medical education. One research line is focused on students’ technology use in medical education. Specifically, she is currently looking into how students’ use of different types of learning technologies facilitates students’ development of self-regulated learning strategies, and what factors contribute to students’ self-directed adoption of digital technologies. Moving forward, she would like to explore the structural relationship between contributing factors, technology adoption, learning strategies, and students’ academic achievement. The second research line focuses on investigating medical students’ near-peer teaching experiences, and how that influences medical students’ teaching skills, learning strategies, and their identity development.


Areas of Interest

Zheng’s general areas of interest include learning technologies, self-regulated learning, and educational program evaluations. In OMERAD she works closely with faculty members in the College of Human Medicine in research, teaching, and curriculum development, with the ultimate goal of improving the effectiveness of teaching and learning in medical education.