Stacey Pylman

PhD Michigan State University: Teacher Education

Stacey Pylman leads curriculum development courses and instructional coaching for CHM faculty. She works directly with community faculty and SDC faculty on teaching and learning projects that focus on teaching effectiveness, coaching practices, and promoting UME and GME student learning. Pylman also serves as the coordinator of the CORP group.


Scholarly Work 

Pylman has spent the last four years working with and researching classroom teachers mentoring beginning teachers. Pylman served on the leadership team of the Mentors as Teacher Educators (MATE) project in the MSU College of Education Teacher Preparation Program. Results of her research on mentoring have been published and presented at conferences. In OMERAD, Pylman is co-designing a new medical education certificate program for physicians who teach in our new Shared Discovery curriculum.


Areas of Interest

Pylman earned her PhD in Curriculum, Instruction, and Teacher Education in MSU’s College of Education. Her areas of interest include coaching and teaching that promotes active learning. In OMERAD, Pylman continues her work leading various faculty developments with the goal of improving effectiveness of teaching and learning in medical education.


Photo of Stacey Pylman

Assistant Professor, OMERAD

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