Amy Greenberg, MEd

MEd Leslie University: Education

Amy Greenberg is joint appointed as an Academic Specialist in Academic Achievement and OMERAD. In Academic Achievement she develops programming and resources to support student learning, and engages in one-on-one coaching with medical students. In OMERAD, in addition to engaging in medical education research she works directly with faculty on teaching and learning projects that focus on teaching effectiveness, supporting students in their transition to medical school, and supporting metacognition in both teachers and students.


Scholarly Work 

Greenberg’s work in medical education is focused on the nexus of teaching and learning at both the person and institutional level. She explores how preceptors promote metacognition and learning in students. She is also interested in how medical students develop both their clinical reasoning skills and their professional identity. She is an integral part of the Medical Education Excellence in Teaching (MEET) team that supports preceptors engaged in action research of their teaching practice, and is exploring the attributes of high quality, small-group instruction. She is also involved in a long-term research project led by Dr. Binbin Zheng in collaboration with Zucker/Hofstra Medical School that is looking at supporting development of Self-Regulated Learning in medical students transitioning to a medical school with an integrated curriculum.


Areas of Interest

Greenberg is currently a doctoral student in the Higher, Adult and Lifelong Education (HALE) program here at MSU. She has diverse interests in teacher education/development, metacognition, clinical reasoning and leadership development. In OMERAD she is currently leading teacher development through the MEET program, and leadership development through CHM’s Leadership Training based on Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective Leaders.

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