DR-ED: An Electronic Discussion Group for Medical Educators

Sponsored by The Office of Medical Education Research and Development
College of Human Medicine - Michigan State University

DR-ED is a listserv system maintained by OMERAD as a means of information and resource sharing for medical education.DR ED Subscribers chart It was developed to: 

  • Promote discussion and problem solving of issues related to medical education
  • Facilitate networking among colleagues who share common interests or expertise related to medical education
  • Provide an electronic forum for disseminating information about resources related to medical education development and research interests.

 DR-ED is open to anyone involved in medical education. Messages posted to DR-ED should be limited to discussions and information related to medical education. DR-ED is not intended for messages related to basic and applied biomedical research, nor is it intended as a resource for medical advice or case consultation.

To join the list, send an e-mail message to listserv@list.msu.edu
Leave the subject line blank, and in the body of the message type:

       SUBSCRIBE DR-ED firstname lastname

Replace firstname lastname with your own first and last names.
You will receive an automated response confirming your subscription.
The confirmation may include additional instructions.

NOTE: Subscriptions will be manually processed 1-2 times per week. Please be paitent with us!

To remove your name from DR-ED, follow the same procedure described above, but in the body of the message type:


View the DR-ED FAQ

View DR-ED list instructions

Questions or comments about DR-ED can be addressed to Stacey Pylman, Ph.D., at pylmanst@msu.edu