Research at CHM

CHM Office of Research

The CHM Office of Research provides information helpful to researchers in the college, including funding opportunities, mentoring networks, and dissertation/fellowship support for researchers from diverse backgrounds.


Resources for Medical Education Research and Scholarship

This list of resources was developed ot support faculty new to medical education scholarship. These resources address issues common to educational scholarship, including definitions of scholarship, formulating resource questions, methodology and research design as well as dissemination via poster or publication.


Honest Broker for Educational Scholarship

OMERAD will provide honest broker services to investigators using one or more educational datasets, in many cases making an IRB application unnecessary. An honest broker serves as an intermediary between the investigator and the subjects by managing the de-identification of data used for a study.

Student data is available from the honest broker under special circumstances: research aligned with the colleges’ mission, program evaluation, or to inform the function of college units. Please use the following link to request data. Contact Ann Taft with questions.

CHM Student Data Request


CHM SDC Research

The Shared Discovery Curriculum leadership team receives many requests to conduct research in the SDC. In order to manage the timing and number of requests, especially to survey students, a research review committee has been established. This committee also reviews qualitative proposals to be certain that the time and observation demands do not compromise the curricular and privacy goals of students and faculty. This committee meets monthly.

Please click the link below to submit information needed for research review. IRB approval is required for the committee to review your request.

CHM SDC Research Request