CHM SDC Research

CHM SDC Research and Program Evaluation

The College of Human Medicine academic leadership team receives many requests to conduct research involving CHM students as subjects and program evaluation in the CHM Shared Discovery Curriculum. In order to manage the timing and number of requests sent to students, a research and program evaluation review committee has been established. The committee reviews both quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods proposals for research and program evaluation that involve CHM students as subjects. During review the committee ascertains the proposed research does not compromise the curricular and privacy goals of students and faculty. Use of any student data, whether collected for research or program evaluation and improvement, requires approval from this committee. This committee meets monthly.

Before submitting a request for RESEARCH please ensure:

  • Appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB) processes have been approved for studies. The committee will not review requests without IRB approval
  • Any honest broker processes have been approved. The honest broker process is required of faculty who plan to publish/present research that includes routinely generated student data such as those related to demographics, pre-matriculation measures, admissions process, progress exam scores, clerkship performance, honors, match, and graduate follow-up survey responses. More information about the honest broker system at CHM

Before submitting a request for PROGRAM EVALUATION please ensure:

Surveys from institutions outside of MSU are unlikely to be approved until summer.

All research recruitment requests are distributed once a month in a newsletter format. If your research request and/or program evaluation request is approved, your request for participants will be distributed no more than two times. 

Please click the link below to submit information needed for review.

CHM SDC Research/Program Evaluation Request